BE Power undertakes greenfield development and construction of renewable infrastructure projects with primary focus on energy power plants across the Australian National Electricity Market (NEM) and the Northern Territory. Having designed multiple Australian projects using solar, wind, gas co-generation & pumped hydro including our flagship project ‘Big-T’.

The BE Power team, drawing on years of experience in infrastructure development, has honed a repeatable process that efficiently navigates power projects through permitting, approval, and funding stages. By engaging with best-in-class suppliers and collaborating with global leaders, we ensure that each project is not only expertly designed and developed but also stands on solid ground in terms of commercial viability and bankability. Our development approach is meticulously crafted to align with the stringent demands of project financiers and market needs, underscoring our commitment to delivering sustainable energy projects that are ready for investment and implementation.


The development process commences with potential assets being rigorously vetted through the company’s Key Success Factors framework to ensure only viable projects are advanced. Following this evaluation, a preliminary concept design is crafted and team members conduct site visits for direct assessment. Concurrently, early discussions with essential stakeholders, such as transmission network operators, are undertaken to confirm site appropriateness and grid integration possibilities, streamlining the project’s pathway to approval.


After the initial assessment, we move to the second phase by creating a comprehensive development plan and engaging suitable suppliers for the design and development stages. Our approach centres on advancing projects to bankable status, addressing the most significant risks early to lower development expenses. With a lean team committed to outcomes, we drive our projects forward with efficiency and a clear focus on successful development.


Leveraging our extensive network of infrastructure investors, energy market participants, and EPC contractors, we initiate engagement early in the project timeline to guarantee comprehensive understanding and consideration of the project by all parties. This proactive approach secures a seamless transition into the construction phase, ensuring that projects commence without delay or complications.