BE Power takes a holistic approach to sustainable power generation that includes project origination, design, construction, power plant operations, and power plant off-takes. We prioritise the bankability of projects and aim for a progressive de-risking process by achieving key milestones at every stage of the project development lifecycle. Using our proprietary ‘project key success factors’ framework, only the most promising projects are selected for development.

Our development team has been hand-selected to possess expertise in all essential areas of power project development. With the support of global subject matter experts, our team is poised to deliver state-of-the-art renewable infrastructure.



BE Power undertakes greenfield development and construction of renewable infrastructure projects with primary focus on energy power plants across the Australian National Electricity Market (NEM) and the Northern Territory. Having designed multiple Australian projects using solar, wind, gas co-generation & pumped hydro including our flagship project ‘Big-T’.

The Big-T Pumped Hydro Project is designed to produce 400MW and has high electrical efficiency. It can sustain 4,000MWh of generation in a single cycle. Its primary purpose is to aid the decentralization of the NEM. By supporting the expansion of asynchronous renewable energy sources, mainly solar and wind, Big-T seeks to replace NEM’s older coal-powered plants. This aligns with the Queensland Government’s goal of achieving 50% renewable energy generation.



BE Power’s Asset Management Business was established to support the operations of the solar and gas plants in the Northern Territory project. Tasked with a comprehensive range of responsibilities, this division oversees end-to-end site operations. This includes the detailed management of O&M contractors, ensuring strict adherence to compliance and governance standards, and supervising plant lifecycle management to ensure operational longevity and efficiency.

With its integrated approach and a clear emphasis on sustainable operational excellence, the Asset Management Business is poised to play a pivotal role in BE Power’s expansion strategy and represents a key area of potential growth for the company.