BE Power’s asset management business has been set up to oversee the operation of solar and gas power stations in the Northern Territory. Capitalizing on its extensive expertise in contract management, deep understanding of power plant operations, and seasoned experience in the energy market, the company is strategically positioned to secure returns that surpass expectations for its managed assets. BE Power’s established relationships with suppliers mean that top-tier solutions are delivered efficiently, without incurring unnecessary costs. Furthermore, the firm offers comprehensive operational capabilities, ensuring that from inception to day-to-day functioning, the power plants are managed with precision and professionalism.

As a power plant asset manager BE Power provides the following:

  • Operational Oversight: Supervising the day-to-day operations of the power stations to ensure it functions within the required parameters, maintaining efficiency and reliability.
  • Maintenance Management: Scheduling and overseeing routine and unplanned maintenance to minimise downtime and extend the life of the equipment.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Ensuring that the power station adheres to all relevant regulations, environmental standards, and safety protocols.
  • Financial Management: Handling budgets, financial planning, and optimisation of cash flow to ensure the fiscal health of the operation. This includes managing costs and maximising revenue.
  • Contract Management: Negotiating and managing contracts with suppliers, off-takers, and other third-party service providers.
  • Performance Monitoring: Implementing systems to continuously monitor and evaluate the performance of the power station, aiming to improve efficiency and output.
  • Risk Management: Identifying risks to the assets, operations, or revenue and implementing strategies to mitigate them.
  • Strategic Planning: Developing long-term strategies for the power station that may include upgrades, expansions, or other capital improvements.
  • Market Analysis: Keeping abreast of market trends, energy prices, and demand to strategically position the power station in the market.
  • Reporting: Providing detailed reports on operational performance, financial status, and compliance to stakeholders.